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Promotional Product Labels on Magento

  • Display product specific promotions
  • Apply labels via rule based system
  • Product label index included for large product counts
Label your products with nLabel from Neotheme. Best Seller, On Sale, Free Shipping. Let your customers see product specific promotions by sticking on a product label overlaying any products image. With Magento’s intuitive default rule system built in apply labels on a multitude of display options.

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Compatible with Magento
  • 1.6
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7


  • Display labels on Product and Category Pages
  • Position labels how you like
  • Overlay dynamic attribute values and text over labels
  • Upload your own custom label designs
  • Apply labels based on a multitude of display rules
  • Product Label index
  • Magento multi-store compatible
  • Display Locations

    nLabel allows you to display labels overlaying product images on both category and product details pages. Use different size labels and positioning with separate label options included for both product and category pages.

    Display Locations
  • Positioning


    Position your labels anyway you like top, bottom, left or right. Use the custom positioning option and position labels by either percentages or pixels values for the most precise results.

  • Text Overlay

    nLabel’s text overlay feature can take the work out of having to create custom labels for every type of promotion. With a generic label image in place attributes such as price can be retrieved and displayed overlaying the label, with any updates to the attribute this will then update on the label overlay as well.

    Text Overlay
  • Custom Labels

    Custom Labels

    Get creative and design your own custom label sets to use with nLabel. Don’t have the creative spark? No need to worry, you can choose from one of nLabel add-on label packs.

  • Label Rules

    Need to display labels only on specific set products? nLabel uses Magento’s intuitive rule based system to apply labels on just about any set of variables. Display labels per category, SKU or on price, you have complete control.

    Label Display Rules
  • Label Index

    If your store has a large product count with many labels defined nLabel can handle whatever you throw at it. Unlike other label extensions nLabel has a label index built right into Magento’s index management section allowing you to manage your product label index right alongside your current indexes.

    Multi-store Compatible

    Apply and manage different labels across different stores on the one installation. nLabel is fully compatible with Magento multi-store configurations.

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