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Schedule product updates with nPort Scheduler on Magento

  • Perfect for daily price or stock updates
  • Set and forget catalogue updating
  • Runs with Magento‚Äôs default cron system
nPort Scheduler by Neotheme gives you complete control on when you want your data imported. Schedule imports to the hour or by the day with setup of the default Magento cron. nPort Scheduler extends the functionality of nPort providing the benefits of automating data uploading.
Compatible with Magento
  • 1.7


  • Schedule imports by the minute, hour or day
  • Supports scheduling of large imports
  • Schedule Imports

    Have the flexibility of scheduling imports by the minute, hour or day to keep your stores data up to date. This is great for product catalogues that change price and stock figures regularly. Using nPort Scheduler can automate the process of updating your data with just a matter of keeping the upload file updated and nPort Scheduler will do the rest.

    Supports Large Imports

    Large Imports cannot usually be processed in a single cron schedule. For this reason, nPort Scheduler utilizes the Dataflow API that splits up the imports into many little imports that are run every time the cron is run. This continues incrementally until the entire datasheet is processed.

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