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Manage your banners easily with nBanner on Magento

  • Promote your product until it sells
  • Drive traffic straight to your products
  • Co-ordinate Advertising with your Promotions
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The n|Banner from Neotheme is a complex banner management system, allowing for full control of banners anywhere within a single store, with complete control on what banners get shown, and where. With a range of different transitions for rotating your banners, and timing options per banner position, you can fully customize the end users experience to the millisecond.

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Compatible with Magento
  • 1.5
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.6
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7


  • 5 X Banner Rotator Layouts
  • Transition Timing &
  • Effects
  • Adaptable Positioning
  • Auto Image Resizing
  • Advanced Banner Positioning
  • Multi-store support
  • Promotion Linking
  • Lightweight Framework
  • Transitional Timing & Effects

    Invoke your audience’s attention, with different effects to make your banners pop. Whether it is a subtle fade you’re after, that gradually transfers the audience’s gaze from one banner to another or slowly revealing the audience to the new banners with a more dramatic sliding effect.

    With a 3 different transitional effects, that can be set per banner position, and effect timing that can be set down to the millisecond, your banners can transition the way that you want them to. With all transition effects being written using prototype (Magento’s default JavaScript library) it means that there’s no additional libraries for the user to download, and is sure to work on any browser, including Safari on the iPad, Chrome on Android, or Internet Explorer on Windows.

  • Adaptable Positioning

    Adaptable Positioning

    nBanner comes with default positions for you to get started straight away, with default position placeholders for you to see where it’s going to appear and how big it’s going to be. Add a new homepage banner with a few clicks.

    If you want to add a new position to a CMS page, but Magento is still new to you, we’ve included a Backend Widget just for you.

    Of course, for the Magento Experienced, nBanner is adaptable to your liking as well. The output block can be inserted anywhere and quickly adapted to your custom solution, and the standard template is coded for multiple packages, with multiple themes and can easily be overridden for any custom coding.

  • Image Resizing

    nBanner takes the hard work of putting up banners on different sizes. nBanner’s smart positioning software automatically resizes the image based on the Banner Position it’s being put into. So if you want to show the same banner in the footer, but you need to make it a touch smaller to fit correctly, nBanner’s got you covered. In the case that the Image you’ve inserted doesn’t quite scale properly, you can set the background colour, and the horizontal and vertical alignment to suit.

    Image Resizing
  • Advanced Positioning

    Advanced Banner Positioning

    nBanner gives you full flexibility when positioning the banners you want. In the one interface, you can choose to show the banner on categories that you’ve selected, or CMS pages that you’ve selected, or even disable that banner completely across all positions) in a few clicks.

    You can also set ordering per banner, in every different banner position. Need to swap the last banner to the first for a bit more exposure? Simple.

  • Multi-Store Support

    Do you need to deploy multiple stores with slightly different banners? Say, a custom “visit us in store” banner? Neotheme nBanner shines with true multi-store compatibly and a backend interface much like the catalog. Set default banner options and change them per store from Banner timing, linking, and status, including the image itself for extremely specific implementations.

    Multi-store Support
  • Promotional Linking

    Promotion Linking (Beta)

    Neotheme nBanner makes promotions easy. Add the new banner, and link it to your current promotion in the Magento backend. When the promotion expires, the banner won’t be shown anymore. Easy peasy.

    *only catalog price rules are currently used.

  • Lightweight Framework

    Download times are important, not only to your end users but also to your server. Even with all of these features, the JavaScript framework that the user downloads is under 12kB, and is based on prototype, so the user doesn’t have to load 2 JavaScript libraries just to display rotating images.

    Lightweight Framework

Customer Reviews

works a treat

Review by brawndo
this banner rotating works a treat, has all the freatures i need and more, using it on the frontpage and for the department pages. http://www.roycemusic.com.au/ (Posted on 3/28/12)

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