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Manage your stores data with nPort on Magento

  • Manage large product catalogues with bulk data importing
  • Import Products, Categories, Attributes and Attribute Sets
  • Easy debugging of data with import error messaging
nPort by Neotheme is the complete bulk data importing solution for your Magento store. Import products, category structures, attributes, attribute sets and even newsletter subscribers with ease. Whether you’re uploading new product data or updating a current product catalogue nPort will give you complete control over your stores data management.
Compatible with Magento
  • 1.7


  • Complete Product Importing
  • Import newsletter subscribers
  • Use category paths instead of ids
  • Import configurable products
  • Import data into multi-store environments
  • Export Product data
  • Complete Product Importing

    nPort is more than just a simple product importer, right out of the box you can import full product data sets. First we start with the category importer that allows you to import full category structures with all the details of descriptions, Meta data and Magento category configuration such as anchor categories and custom layouts. Once the category structure is taken care of we move on to the attribute and attribute set data importers in which you can import custom attributes with full configuration and values. Once the categories and attributes are in place the product importer can populate you store.

    Complete Product Importing
  • Category Paths instead of IDs

    Category Paths instead of IDs

    Cataloguing your product data can be tedious at the best of times but with default Magento you have to specify category IDs on all your products. This makes categorizing products a slow process, this is why we have added category path support to nPort. You can now have readable paths that will accelerate the categorization process.

  • Import Configurable Products

    One of the major strengths of Magento is its product types allowing great flexibility in the way you catalogue your data. nPort supports not only simple but the other most commonly used type, configurable products (With more coming soon!). Give your customers the flexibility of selectable options with configurable products.

    Import Configurable Products
  • Import Newsletter Subscribers

    Have a current emailing list that you want combined with your current Magento newsletter subscribers? nPort has the added bonus of a newsletter subscriber importer. With a few basic column headers you can expand you Magento subscriber list in a few clicks.

    Import Data into Multi-Store

    Do you have a multi-store Magento setup? nPort supports uploading of data into individual stores in a multi-store setup.

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