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Feature products with nDisplay on Magento

  • Increase sales by featuring products
  • Drive traffic to specific products
  • Quick and easy configuration
Add Featured Products to your website with ease. Install nDisplayFeatured by Neotheme and use a single Widget in the cms to put up featured products anywhere you have a static block. The nDisplayFeatured Module by Neotheme creates and adds a new attribute “is_featured”, and provides a block and template to display the filtered results.

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  • Product Attribute Backend
  • Widget Backend
  • Widget Frontend
  • Simple Block Layout Update
  • Block Frontend
Compatible with Magento
  • 1.5
  • 1.6
  • 1.7


  • View Scoping in Layout Block Mode
  • Category Scoping in Widget
  • Template Based off Standard Magento Product List Template
  • Limit Results only to Products with Small images
  • Randomise Products
  • No-Fuss Setup
  • View Scoping in Layout Block Mode

    Enabled by default, when this block is inserted into the layout xml, instead of as a widget, it will scope to the current user’s view when in the catalog. So, when the customer is viewing a category, only featured products in the current category or any of its children* appear. *this does not currently apply to attribute filtering.

    Scoping in Layout Block Mode
  • Scoping in Widget

    Category Scoping in Widget

    When this block is inserted as a widget, it includes category selection so that you can limit the results of your featured products to only one category.

  • Template Based off Standard Magento Product List Template

    Because every module Neotheme codes is to Magento standard, we also base everything we code to be replaceable with any default Magento code. This offers the following advantages:

    - Template can be easily replaced with any standard Magento Template

    - Automatic Column Splitting

    Default Magento List Template
  • Limit Results only to Products with Small images

    Limits the results of the collection to products with small images only.

    Randomise Products

    Randomises the results before pushing them to the template.

  • No-Fuss Setup

    After the files are copied into the directory, all setup is done via a widget in a CMS position (or layout block for veteran users).

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