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One-Step Ordering with nCheckout on Magento

  • Customers checkout in one step rather than the standard Magento six step process
  • Reduce checkout abandonment rates and increase sales
  • No page refresh required, everything is updated on page (AJAX)
nCheckout from Neotheme is a must have extension to optimise your stores checkout process. One step checkout processes are proven to reduce checkout abandonment rates by simplifying the checkout process from a traditional multi-step process to one step. With a range of convenient features not included in the standard Magento checkout such as coupon processing and order commenting nCheckout will improve the shopping experience for your customers.

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  • nCheckout - One Step
  • nCheckout - Order Commenting
  • nCheckout - Settings
  • nCheckout - Login Modal Popup Option
  • nCheckout - On Page Login Form
  • nCheckout - Guest Checkout Only
  • nCheckout - Terms & Conditions Modal Popup
Compatible with Magento
  • 1.6
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7


  • Order review items and totals displayed
  • Multiple login display options
  • Guest checkout only available
  • Apply and Remove Coupon codes
  • Order Commenting
  • Newsletter Subscription signup
  • Terms displayed in modal popup
  • Magento payment and shipping methods
  • Place order button positioning
  • Easy integration
  • Order Review

    nCheckout displays the customers cart contents and order totals on page at all times to assure the customer is ordering the right products and quantities at the correct order amount. These order totals are updated dynamically as the customer proceeds through the checkout process by selecting different postage / shipping methods or applying coupon codes.

    Order Review
  • Login Options

    Login Options

    Pick the login option that suits your store! Choose from either an on page login form or a pop up modal window to save on space. nCheckout also has the ability to run as a guest only checkout with no login required.

  • Coupon Codes

    Give your customers the convenience of applying coupon codes at any time during the checkout process. Traditionally to apply coupon codes requires a customer to browse to the shopping cart page, with nCheckout coupon this can be done right on checkout without refreshing the page.

    Coupon Codes
  • Order Commenting

    Order Commenting

    Allowing customers to attach comments to orders can be useful to collect extended order data such as postal instructions or any queries about their order. Once a comment has been attached to an order this is then displayed in the customer’s order details in the backend admin.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Display multiple terms and conditions without cluttering screen space with nCheckout. All terms and conditions assigned to your store will be displayed as a separate checkbox and modal popup window with a handy “I Agree” button for accepting terms.

    Terms and Conditions
  • Payment and Shipping Support

    Payment & Shipping Support

    nCheckout is compatible with all the standard Magento payment and shipping methods.

    - PayPal (Standard & Express Checkout)
    - Cheque / Money Order
    - Zero Subtotal Checkout
    - Bank Transfer Payment
    - Cash On Delivery Payment
    - Purchase Order
    - Flat Rate
    - Table Rates
    - Free Shipping

  • Order Buttons

    Make it easy for customers to complete their orders with order button positioning. Place an order button either top, bottom or both!

    Order Buttons

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